Thursday, April 14, 2011

One day after the anniversary of the beginning of the American Civil War, Obama decides to start a new one

Here are some things we learned from the President’s remarkable speech:

1) Obama is either (a) an economic illiterate whose lack of comprehension and genuine ideas has caused him to fall back on the stale Democratic tactic of flogging the class warfare theme, or (b) he is a conscious agent of the Cloward-Piven strategy, seeking to hasten the transformation of the U.S. economy into a statist model through a series of purposeful crises intended to make the vast majority of the American people dependent on the federal government. For the record, his motives don’t matter. The results will be the same.

2) He has burned his bridges with respect to any chance he may have had to conduct himself as a unifier, as a serious-minded chief executive working honestly to create a rational, effective compromise. He is the quintessential self-promoter who has never left the campaign trail, a born demagogue whose self-esteem is wrapped up in a zero-sum concept of political success: for me to win, you must lose.

3) Obama will not be led to make the right decisions through logical, civil argument. His hand will need to be forced every time, on every substantive issue, through sustained political pressure.

4) In temperament he is mean-spirited, in discourse dishonest, in tone arrogant, in intelligence deficient and in vision hallucinatory. He would have fit right in among the Roman emperors of the first century A.D. As the president of a country founded on a belief in liberty and self-reliance, and as nominal leader of the free world, he is manifestly unfit.

The best way to derail Obama’s express train to socialism is to defeat him in 2012. The next best plan is to deprive him of the support of his legislative Mamluks by turning the Democratic Party into a minority in both houses of Congress. Note: this does not mean replacing Democrats with big-government Republicans.


Anonymous said...

That last paragraph you wrote, Paco? Your keyboard to God's ear.

JeffS said...


Yojimbo said...

Yeah, RINO's or even conservatives who lack the fortitude to slug it out on the issues. There seems to be some of that going on here. Bring back trench warfare, or kinetic engagement if you prefer.

Michael Lonie said...

"He would have fit right in among the Roman emperors of the first century A.D."

Well Caligula had his bad points, but at least Nero was reputed to be a very fine bagpipe player, and his fiddling set the place on fire, man. Aside from those two, the rest of them weren't so bad. I mean, what better government were you going to get at that time? Besides, can you imagine Obama going up against Vespasian or Tiberius in intrigue, or Augustus in statesmanship?

Paco said...

Caligula and Nero were the ones I had in mind.

If Obama had gone up against Vespasian, he'd have been lucky to have escaped with banishment.

RebeccaH said...

Think of the damage he would have done if he'd been intelligent and competent. If we had to have a socialist in office, thank God it was this narcissistic, ham-handed poser.

Anonymous said...

The only unifying that Obama has ever been determined to bring is those that ascribe to Cloward and Piven. Nothing more can be expected from someone who taught Saul Alinsky's principles. It isn't clear who are all the agents in this socialist scheme, but it seems fairly certain that he isn't part of the master circle. Obama might be the greatest fraud in American history. He's all smoke and mirrors.

All those who are party to his agenda need to be removed. Me thinks it is time to take it to the streets again.

Deborah Leigh