Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The strange silence of Felipe Calderón

One would think that the Mexican president would be visibly outraged over the ATF's gunrunning debacle. So, why isn't he?


carpefraise said...

Hi Paco,

off-topic, but you need to see this if you haven't already. ;0


Part 2 of this is on the same youtube page.

Anonymous said...

It was apparent years ago that Mexico is a failed nation with no possibility of redemption. Therefore, Felipe Calderon's actions aren't surprising. The surprise, and joke of the week came from Janet Napolitano's recent statement that the border is safe and secure.

Deborah Leigh

RebeccaH said...

Any ideas as to where El Jefe Presidente will be spending his retirement?

JeffS said...

Hopefully Antarctica, Rebecca.