Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of Nazi zombies and Islamic militants

Robert Avrech, as he so often and brilliantly does, provides a movie review and ties it in with real-world events.

The movie, of which I hadn’t heard, is a horror flick called Dead Snow, featuring Nazi zombies that terrorize a group of medical students vacationing in a remote Norwegian cabin. Avrech goes on to demonstrate that the “zombie” menace is real.
Meanwhile, at the very same time as Seraphic Secret was screening Dead Snow, zombies were invading Israel.

You see, the reason the zombie genre caught on so quickly and will be with us, well, forever, is because audiences recognize dramatic truth when they see it.

Zombies have always walked the earth.

Once upon a time there were Nazi zombies, Japanese zombies, Communist zombies.

Today, they are Islamic zombies and the progressive zombies who enable their insatiable blood lust.

They do not think, they do not reason, they have no pity, no empathy, they are utterly impervious to the basic rules of civilization.

And like all zombies, they thirst for blood.
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bingbing said...

Couldn't resist.

Yojimbo said...


Pacosan: Sometime in the not so distant past we had a conversation about the dwindling influence and presence of the cowboy tradition in this area. Hope this perks you up. Me no linky, but... Click on the "Cowboy Music Festival"

Also a good reference for current bands and singers. You don't find these people on CMT and the like.

WARNING! No cowboy poetry here.:)

RebeccaH said...

So does this mean we can start calling people of the Islamist persuasion "Islombies"? "Islamozombies" might work, but it has too many syllables.

Paco said...

Well done, Rebecca!

YoJ: Thanks for the link!

Minicapt said...