Thursday, June 23, 2011

Better think of something else

Think Global AS, a start-up venture which manufactures – or rather, manufactured - electric cars, has filed for bankruptcy.

This reminds me of the sad end of an earlier electric car dream (from the excellent Martin Mull talk-show comedy series, Fernwood 2 Night).


JorgXMcKie said...

Their sales were swamped by the combined 600 or so sold so far this year by GM and Nissan. I mean, that's pretty much everyone in the US who actually wants an electric car.

JeffS said...

Shucks! And I was so looking forward to buying one.


Speaking of "eco friendly cars", you know those "Smart Cars"? The ones designed for urban use, with as much power as a wheelbarrow, and considerably less payload?

Twice in recent weeks I've seen those suckers on highways. And both times, they were, to use pilot jargon, sucking air.

The one I saw today was barely creeping along at 50 MPH, on the flats. Uphill, he crawled.

People kept on passing him, where possible, but finally one guy, hauling a trailer right behind him and unable to pass on the very curved road, pointedly drove on the shoulder and flashed his lights.

The guy finally got the message, and pulled over to let others pass. About 50 "others".

Some people just don't have a clue.

RebeccaH said...

None of this matters. Dear Leader has a dream that we will all be riding bicycles from our dark houses (during those necessary rolling black outs) to collect our government checks, before we have to go stand in line to see if any shoes or bread are available.

I exaggerate. Or, considering it was a reality in some parts of the world not so long ago, do I?

Gregoryno6 said...

And the Great South Land won't be far behind thanks to the Circus of Ineptitude. Which is a sneaky way of going OT to remind you folks of what happened a year ago today.

Anonymous said...

Nobody appreciates sneaky-going-off-topic than Paco Nation, Gregoryno6! A year, eh?

Aren't these Great Countries of ours having a time...

ON topic, I saw a 'smart' car in line to get aboard NAS Jax one day. The gate guard stared right along with me, and when he turned around again I said "Supposed to be Smart." He said "By whose definition?"