Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Help construct my political platform!

Col. Milquetoast has made it possible for you to create your own slogan for the Paco presidential campaign. Let a thousand flowers bloom!

Update - Well, two flowers, anyway. Here's a poster by long-time friend, El Cid:

And here's one by the candidate:

Update: The Republican contest is getting ugly.


JeffS said...

Bravo, Colonel Milquetoast! Bravo!

Yojimbo said...

Yeah, well, I live in the desert and we don't bloom no flowers here, ya hear. Besides, the Walmart pithy platform ditties section is plum closed for the duration.

Howza about something like:"Faster horses, younger women, more freedom and liberty, better scotch."

Steve Burri said...

We scoff at Paco's Presidential bid.

bruce said...

I got one:

Capo not Kapo,
Vote for Paco!

Minicapt said...

Pick another co-terminous objector.


RebeccaH said...

Free Occupied Northern Virginia!!

Oh, wait, that's another campaign.