Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MSNBC waves the flag

Alex Fitzsimmons at NewsBusters spots one of MSNBC’s clueless news clods making a federal case against Sarah Palin for displaying the U.S. flag on her tour bus (H/T: Protein Wisdom).

Keith Olbermann, Ed Schultz, Chris Matthews, Martin Bashir…where do these idiots come from? And isn’t one of the main goals of being a propagandist for a major political party to successfully disguise your ulterior motives in order to expand your influence beyond the congregation of true believers, to successfully put into effect a kind of “ecumenical” outreach? These guys are all just a bellows for keeping the fanatics red hot. Not that I’m complaining; may their incompetence increase!

I do love Sarah Palin. Even if she doesn’t run for president, she makes a wonderful barrage balloon for the low-flying left-wing media.


JeffS said...

I have to think Sarah is deliberately tweaking the Lame Stream Media.

And they let her do it. Heh!

rinardman said...

I have to think Sarah is deliberately tweaking the Lame Stream Media.

If that's true, I hope they someday figure it out.

It would be fun watching their heads explode!


mojo said...

I love being lectured on flag etiquette by a Brit, don'cha know...

SB: jipsash

missred said...

and they think they hate her now! wait until those clever dicks figure out they have been had

wv: chirt
it is going to be flying with the chirt hits the fan

Steve Skubinna said...

So that's why the Feds haven't moved on the Weiner/wiener hack! They've put everything on the Great Palin Flag Caper!

If you haven't been over at Ace of Spades, he's got a post on DailyKos busting the whole thing wide open - Mister Big behind the frame up is Clarence Thomas.

Nothing riles the left like the help getting uppity...