Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Swiss have run out of political issues

They are really stretching.
Few of us truly love PowerPoint, the extremely-accessible and infamously-bland presentation software published by Microsoft. But then again, few of us dislike the program enough to start a political party dedicated to a PowerPoint ban and freeing the world from its insidious grip. That's right, folks – earlier this week, a band of Swiss citizens gathered under the banner of the Anti-Power Point Party, or APPP, in hopes of "decreasing the number of boring presentations worldwide."
On second thought, this may catch on.


JeffS said...

They have my sympathies, but not my vote.

Yojimbo said...


For Paco and Deborah. You might want to get the video on the Haboob that hit Phoenix two days ago. It was the worst in decades.

Paco said...

YoJ: I've seen the videos and they are amazing

I remember a sand storm blowing through Phoenix one evening when I was driving to school. Incredibly creepy.

RebeccaH said...

I remember sand storms from my childhood in Texas. Even with all the windows closed tight, you'd wake up in the morning with grit in your teeth.

mojo said...

My mom remembers "Black Sunday", April 14, 1935. That was the one that made it all the way to the Atlantic, and so impressed Congress.

She was six years old.

JeffS said...

I experienced a couple of sand storms in Kuwait. Those were pikers in comparison to Phoenix.

Minicapt said...