Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Snotty Nonsense from Biased Commentators

This time via Karen Finney, an MSNBC "analyst". She says Republicans like Herman Cain "because he's a black man who knows his place."

Well, she's right, but not in the way she thinks. Herman Cain does know his place, and many Republicans agree that it looks like this:

Update: David Morris and Stacy McCain discuss Cain's rise.


rinardman said...

I think Karen Finney is a stupid, racist liberal.

I know that's harsh, but that's how it sure seems to me.

bruce said...

'Knows his place'?

I'm just flabbergasted by that.

Cain, with a career of tightening big budgets and resurrecting failing businesses, may be the best candidate for Presidency.

How did western civilization produce these people who think someone with a successful career should play the whining victim?

Paco said...

Bruce: The Democrats like to keep their constituents, so to speak, "barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen" - or, as some have put it, tied to the plantation. Cain, by virtue of his fierce independence, poses a threat to the whole racial narrative that liberals have kept in place for decades.

JeffS said...

Paco, any "minority" who dares abandon the leftie narrative face the anger of the Demonrats. Witness what's happening to Marco Rubio.

Kartman said...

If someone on the right disagrees with policys of Obama, we are called racists by the left. The left can say anything about Cain and we do not label them as racist, because we look at people as people. Not black people, white people etc.

sjff said...

I don't even understand the point that bint is trying to make.

What place is he supposed to know that makes him acceptable to me?