Monday, November 21, 2011

Hey, at least she was completely upfront about it

Russian news reader Tatiana Limanova let fly a truly regal bird as she mentioned Obama's name during a newscast.

Har! Ok, maybe a tad unprofessional. But at least her gesture was not the sneaking specimen that Obama, himself, hatched when he was debating Hillary Clinton and John McCain, under cover of scratching his nose.

Maybe it's time to hit the "reset" button, again.


Anonymous said...

My thoughts exactly, Ma'am.

Thank you for posting this, Paco!

JeffS said...

Maybe Tatiana is a NASCAR fan.

richard mcenroe said...

At least she didn't boo him.

And what the hell, AMERICAN news has been giving the rest of us the finger for Obama for the last three years.

rinardman said...

I think it's a bit Pavlovian.

I do the same thing, every time I see his name.

bruce said...

It's a multicultural trifecta too.

I have a friend who is a Russian Orthodox priest. Anyway, if Chris Mathews is worried about hatred, he should follow some of the discussion amongst traditional europeans - our anglosphere is excessively polite in comparison.

They didn't get any of the political correctness memos.

Anonymous said...

One more promise Obama has kept...unifying the world.

Hopefully, she wasn't shipped off to colder climes for her honesty.

Thank you, Tatiana!

Deborah Leigh

missred said...

if only our media were this honest. oh never mind