Monday, December 26, 2011

Another great moment that should be enshrined in TSA's Hall of Fame

A TSA security officer in Nevada seizes a "suspicious" cupcake.


rinardman said...

The TSA agents need a self-defense class called "How to defend yourself against anyone who attacks you, armed with a fresh cupcake".

RebeccaH said...

Hmp! Sounds to me like that TSA supervisor has a sweet tooth and saw an opportunity.

jonah said...

To give those assholes their due, a bomb could be made into a cake, and over in the Caucasus, apparently lots of women are willing to do the jihadi pole dance.

So I can't get too worked up about somebody's cupcake.

Jihadis have a very long view of this war, and so should we (at the risk of sounding pompous.)

They also have some weird fixation on airline travel, as if grounding it would introduce the Caliphate.

So all in all, eat your damn cupcake in the lobby. Or give it to the TSA drone with a smile.

mojo said...

Was the TSA Schutzstaffel overweight, by any chance?