Monday, December 26, 2011

So long, and thanks for the fish

The late Kim Jong-Il bequeaths the gift of fish to his hungry subjects (triggering more tears of joy).
…the deceased leader worked with his "heart and soul" to supply the people with fresh fish all year round, giving tireless field guidance.
"Field guidance"? You mean like this?

The Canadian delegation to the UN, unmoved by the generosity of the Great Fish Giver, walked out when that august body observed a moment of silence for the late North Korean dictator (H/T: Captain Heinrichs).


rinardman said...

A "moment of good riddance" would have been more appropriate.

And why did the U.S. delegation not walk out, too?

Yojimbo said...

Because this administration has lost its moral compass. We only walk out for a moment of silence for a friend of the United States.

Anonymous said... my little bit of experience...tend to have the balls to do and say the Right Thing at the appropriate moment.

The U.N. is full of scum and sleaze, but this makes me SO proud to be part Canadian!

Take off, eh?

Yojimbo said...

Hey! Bill Dance is a good guy. Those are televison shows.

Minicapt said...

That wasn't a Paco video clip????


jonah said...

A moment of "Shake Shake Shake Senora" by Harry Belafonte, as performed by the few freedom loving peoples of the UN, would have gone down well.

h/t Beetlejuice

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... If the US delegation didn't walk out it was probably at Obama's direction, since he couldn't go to the funeral. Might have sent a floral display though. Old stinky fish would have been more appropriate.

Didn't anyone catch that the "gift" was "fresh" fish? Would have thought it was toilet paper after seeing the other propoganda video. Why are we giving the NK aid exactly?

Kim is happy now that he's been reunited with so many from his club, like Mao, Stalin, Saddam, Bin Laden. Satan must have had a big feast for him. Definitely a warm welcome. Too bad he couldn't sleep with the fishes.