Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Department of "Justice" (ha ha)

There's Fast and Furious, of course, plus the decision to ignore voter intimidation by the New Black Panthers. Now, we've got a failure to fire or even discipline a perjured DOJ employee - could it be because the current administration finds her politics congenial?
Ms. Gyamfi made no secret of her hatred of conservatives and Republicans when I worked in the Voting Section from 2001 to 2002. Later, when I moved to the Civil Rights Division’s front office, she had a difficult time hiding her contempt any time she was forced to meet with the political leadership. In revelations now known throughout the Voting Section, she apparently went beyond hatred and resorted to flagrantly violating Justice Department confidentiality requirements and ethical obligations. It is now common knowledge in the Section that she lied about her actions to Inspector General investigators and was caught in the lie with e-mail documentation.

Update: The rot at DOJ runs deep.


mojo said...

I musta missed the "good cause" exception to the perjury laws.

rinardman said...

I suppose we should at least take comfort in the knowledge that if it had been an employee that made no secret of their hatred of liberals and Democrats, the outcome would be the same.

Well, almost the same. Other than the employee losing their job, and being pilloried by the MSM.

richard mcenroe said...

Even money Obama is the first President to try to issue blanket pardons to an entire government.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... Has anyone heard about the FBI monoriting Iowa? Someone made that statement to me...true he is a Ron Paul supporter, but still I'd like to know.

This DOJ demonstrates their belief that they are "above the law". Of course, that would be easy to believe when your boss is "The One". Why did the Congressional Black Caucus go to the UN when they have friends like this?