Saturday, March 24, 2012


Secret witness in the Martin shooting?

The New Black Panther Party isn’t waiting for the results of the investigation. Update - Correction: that would be the the New Black Pussies.

Chapter 417 in that long-running series, “Obama doesn’t know what he’s talking about”.

Jeff Goldstein underscores some of the important work being done by Mark Levin and the Landmark Legal Foundation in combating Obamunism.

Bill Frezza reveals the real problem with Goldman Sachs: “No, Goldman Sachs is not a law breaker. With all the former executives and cronies it has parachuted into the halls of government and all the money it showers on politicians running for office, it is actually a law maker. And that is the problem.”

Dolph Lundgren (one of Rocky Balboa’s foes) hates socialism.

Are you willing to risk jail in the fight against Democrat-sponsored socialism? It may come to that.

The all-seeing Eye Of Polyphemus takes a look at some Sci-Fi girls.

Friends of Carbon Dioxide weighs in on the latest in global warming.

Randy G: “Mr. President, what about Solyndra?”
Obama: Who?

Down under, the Labor Party is getting thrashed in Queensland elections (H/T: Captain Heinrich). Much more from Tim Blair.

Elsewhere in Australia, Steve at the Pub reports on a race hate crime.

Good question at Et Cetera.


Randy-g said...

Thanks for the linkagery Paco.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said... The New Black Panthers post a wanted dead or alive hit, and Barry O is nowhere to be heard. The Panthers up the cash reward to $1 million with the help of sports stars and celebs, and the athletes' employers turn into crickets. They even posted his address. Not like he's there. And the Fox affiliate in Florida put up the guy's picture. The hoodie hoods were out marching in calls for violence without knowing the entire details. I fully expected (maybe it will still happen) to see Obama wearing a hoodie. Of course, Holder won't do anything. The Panthers are his peeps. Nothing like watching the lemmings go off the cliff. The whole thing is disgusting! But who will stand up for the truth?