Wednesday, June 20, 2012


President Obama, in an effort to give Eric Holder cover in the latter’s stonewalling of the congressional investigation of the Fast and Furious scandal, today declared that the information sought by Rep. Issa is protected under executive privilege - which implies that the president, himself, knows more about F&F than he has let on. Perhaps Holder knows how much the president knows, and that’s why the Attorney General hasn’t been compelled to join Obama’s many other former associates under the bus.

I’m currently reading Katie Pavlich’s book on Fast and Furious, and will be providing a review sometime next week, I hope. I’m only 20 or so pages into it, and my blood is already starting to boil.

Hey, maybe there’s a new campaign theme in here someplace. Obama: “I liberalized the deportation rules to prevent young Mexicans from being shipped back to their native country, where they would probably be killed by the guns that my attorney general sent there.” Winning!

Update: Chris Matthews apparently is not as interested in the deaths of Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans as he is in upholding the sanctity of Eric Holder’s pigmentation.

Update II: Babalu found a great Twitter reaction: “Holder's dog ate the documents. Obama ate the dog. Executive privilege.”

Update III: Bryan Preston has some interesting speculations.

Update IV: Contempt!

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JeffS said...

No doubt about it. Obama was deeply involved in F&F.

rinardman said...

I wish I could say I'm optimistic that something good will come of this. If not getting rid of the celebrity President, at least losing his lapdog AG. But, I think after a couple of days of weak coverage by the MSM, they'll basically say "Move along, nothing to see here." Then the U.S. attorney will say the same thing about the contempt charge against Holder, and Obama will feel even more above the law, and invincible.

Until November, when the voters let him know where the power still lies, and kick his sorry ass down the road!

Paco said...

R-man: I fear that you're probably right.

kc said...

Rinardman has spoken my thoughts also. Was asked last night if I thought this would force O's resignation. NO. Nixon was forced out by MEDIA COVERAGE, but media is now on the Occupant's side, so nothing will change.


RebeccaH said...

The MSM is going to be busy laying the blame for F&F on Bush, and damn the facts.

America elected a dictator, plain and simple.

missred said...

Marshall Law will be declared at 0.01 hours on Nov 7th win or lose

rinardman said...

OK, I admit, I was wrong.

They didn't even think it worth two days. Not a single mention of the whole mess on the evening news, by NBC, ABC, or CBS.