Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yet another reason ObamaCare must be tossed out

I mean, who's going to be giving us physicals? TSA agents? 'Cause it sure doesn't look like there are going to be enough doctors to go around.


RebeccaH said...

I am terrified at the thought of losing the family doctor I've had for over twenty years. Yes, I call him Dr. Feelgood, for his tendency to try the next boffo blood pressure/diabetic/heart medication on me, but he listens when I tell him what doesn't work (which most of that crap doesn't). More importantly, he knows my history, and if I need a specialist, he sends me to good ones. He's younger than I am, so I really want to keep him at least until I croak.

I'm at the age when rationing of health care will become a major problem for me if Obamacare is allowed to proceed (because, you know, OLD).

Paco said...

Rebecca: I share your concerns completely. It has been difficult for Mrs. Paco to line up a team of doctors for her various maladies; under the full weight of ObamaCare, it would be damn near impossible to do it.