Thursday, June 7, 2012

Estonia invades Paul Krugman's comfort zone

The mouse that roared tweeted.


cac said...

The Estonians are poorer than the Greeks yet somehow manage to balance to books and are actually contributing to the Greek bailout. I think it a few years time it will be clear whether living within your means or attempting to borrow even more was the better strategy. Not sure going into the Euro was a good decision for them though. Like a lot of former iron curtain states they are doing pretty well and will do better in the future - there's not much enthusiasm for socialism there.

Tallinn incidentally is stunning and well worth a visit if you find yourself in the Baltics Paco. It's a three hour ferry ride from Helsinki and also provides a welcome respite from ferocious finnish prices.

Paco said...

I'm sure the Baltics are lovely, but I doubt whether I'll ever make it there.