Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Hey, Australia, don’t let this happen to you

John Muscat at New Geography provides an object lesson for Australians who have eyed California as a model.
Australians have long seen California as a trend-setter, given the common Anglophone culture and semi-arid climate on the Pacific Rim. There’s also the shared love of motor car mobility and suburban independence, and a voracious appetite for tech and entertainment products pouring out of Hollywood and Silicon Valley. But these days the Golden State is just as likely to fill Australians with unease. They find themselves infected with a strain of the green-welfare-utopianism that brought California to its knees.


RebeccaH said...

I blame beaches. Australia is rife with beaches, and everybody knows beaches are filled with hard-bodied, empty-headed worshippers of the Almighty Sun&Surf. Not to mention Speedos and monokinis.

i hate them all. And i'm not jealous. At all.

And I vote.

Paco said...

Let's see, now, if we cut that down a might, maybe we can get it on a bumper sticker.