Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Woman in Virginia cited for selling farm products on her, er, farm.

Ace of Spades: still one of the funniest bloggers out there. And I mean, really funny.

Another potential Tea Party victory, this time in Texas.

Colorado Representative Ed Perlmutter: giving shameless political hacks a bad name.

Gee, I wonder what artists did before the days of taxpayer-subsidized grants? Titian, for example, “ was a mercenary who would serve the highest bidder without, it seems, sacrificing his artistic integrity.”

Hey, Chicago, your gun control laws are working so well, maybe you ought to consider formally banning Molotov cocktails, too.

Do you remember that ZZ Top song, “Jesus Just Left Chicago”? Well, now we know why He left.

Bill Clinton has been invited to provide smoke and mirrors at the Democratic National Convention this year, and Fauxcahontas will also address the big donkey pow-wow (This sounds bizarre: “In a best-case scenario for Democrats, Warren could emerge as a hit among the Walmart moms, that oft-cited demographic that could be decisive in a close election.” Walmart moms? Really? I don’t think elitist Elizabeth Warren could find the nearest Walmart in a taxi cab. This is pretty much like me saying, “in a best-case scenario, if I quit my job tomorrow, I’ll win the Mega Millions lottery the day after.” The same statistical likelihood).

Pat Austin introduces a game we all can play.


bruce said...

Been away for a while, but I see Paco Enterprises is on fire with the spirit as much as ever. Wow. Great stuff, keep on keeping on man!

Paco said...

Great to hear from you, Bruce!