Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You may have built it, but the Democrats are destroying it

Repeal of the unfathomably stupid medical device excise tax was passed in the House, but is being held up in the Senate. This particularly noxious provision of ObamaCare is killing jobs and business expansion right now.

Here’s how bad this tax is: even Elizabeth Warren is against it.

One ultimately begins to wonder whether Democrats like Harry Reid really believe in anything at all. Has the Democratic Party become nothing more than a large tribal group, held together by its worship of the donkey totem and its desire to steal, rather than create, wealth? What happens when the last bank account of the last capitalist has been cleaned out? What will these carrion eaters do then?

What a serial killer of small business looks like.


Minicapt said...

Harry Reid would cheat on his wife, if she gave him permission, and provided recommendations.

When Harry Reid demonstrates leadership, it is in the original sense of the word "plumbum". Which also describes his after-parts.


Paco said...

Well put. Although I suspect that Reid might have trouble finding anyone to cheat with.

missred said...

Reille Hunter is available, I believe.

missred said...

Reille Hunter is available, I believe.