Saturday, July 28, 2012

Drool, Britannia

I didn't watch the opening festivities of the Olympics in London, but from what others have observed, it appears that the British seem to be very confused about their own history and culture, and are content to distract themselves with garish displays of dream-like weirdness and leftist pep-rally enthusiasm.

This is why, when I watch those old Errol Flynn costume epics, I always root (futilely, of course) for the Armada.

Update: More from Tim Blair.


rinardman said...

Sounds like they really celebrated the ideal of sports & competition.

Steve at the Pub said...

Don't take 'em too lightly. That mistake has been made a few times throughout history.

Paco said...

Well I sure as hell can, and do, take Danny Boyle lightly.

kc said...

I didn't watch - had the Padres@Marlins on tv - but I did follow remarks on Twitter.

Funniest 'show' around, and I probably enjoyed the Opening Ceremonies nearly as much as the athletes did!

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said...Dreadful, from what I saw. We were at Buchanan Arms, a local Scot restaurant. It was like London...gloomy with a few glints of sunshine. The sunshine was the "Queen" parachuting in, the military bringing in the Union Jack, the flame coming up the Thames, and seeing the Olympians' outfits (if you thought ours was bad, check out Australia). I didn't stay for the lighting of the flame, but heard about it and it sounds wonderful. wonder Queen E wasn't smiling. She would have rather been at home watching reruns of "Keeping Up Appearances".