Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Not exactly Ned Kelly

Australia's Buxom Bandit: what you might call a "boob job".
The so-called “Buxom Bandit“, a busty woman intent on scoring some extra cash, struck a gas station in Australia yesterday with her assets on full display.

The woman may have made off with some dough, but she didn’t do much to quell the stereotype that women with superior mammary glands are ditzy. Not only did she not bother to conceal her face–which was totally captured on camera–she wore a glove on the hand that held her weapon but grabbed money from the till with bare fingers, meaning she probably left prints everywhere.


JeffS said...

So, with all of the evidence available, we can safely say that the busty woman is busted.

rinardman said...

A titilating story, Paco.

Thanks for the mammaries.

mojo said...

T-shirt: "If Only These Were Brains"