Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Power restored

The power came back on at about 2:30 this afternoon. I think the big hold-up was a large oak tree that toppled over and brought down lines on both sides of one of the main streets in our neighborhood.

Pretty big mess for northern Virginia, D.C. and Maryland, but what are ya gonna do with a freak storm that lasts only a half hour, yet packs the wallop of a hurricane in the first ten minutes? All things considered, I think Dominion Resources, with the assistance of some out-of-state crews, did a good job repairing what was categorized as "catastrophic infrastructure damage".

And as I mentioned, once we got organized (thanks to the generalship of Mrs. Paco), everything was jake.

And for those who are curious, Mrs. Paco kicked my ass at gin rummy.

Update: BTW, a big welcome to first-time commenter, Marica.


smitty1e said...

How is your cribbbage game? I'm on a quest for victims, you see.

RebeccaH said...

Welcome back, Paco family!

Paco said...

Smitty: Never played the game. Poker and pinochle are my old pastimes.

Good to be back, Rebecca. Although, perhaps perversely, I kind of miss "camping out".

rinardman said...

Although, perhaps perversely, I kind of miss "camping out".

See? You'll fit right in to the brave new progressive, low carbon world. Just give up your car for a couple of bicycles, turn your backyard into a garden, learn to like cold showers and goat's milk...and you're golden.

Paco said...

R-man: You're right. I need to stop accommodating myself to the life style envisioned by liberals (or, to be precise, the life style envisioned by liberals for non-liberals).

JeffS said...

Welcome back to civilization, Paco!

And in celebration, here's a image of Ronald Reagan that you might appreciate.

(H/T to Hot Air)

Anonymous said...

Glad things are back up and cooling, Paco! Daughter and her church group went to DC yesterday and thence to Williamsburg...supposed to be nearly 100 today!

-Mr. Bingley

Minicapt said...

Like you, we've been sweltering under the blazing sun; our atmospheric oven currently registers 22C, and no clouds for miles.


Col. Milquetoast said...

Is Marica an invisible commenter?

After a couple days without any electricity you probably have more green cred than most greenies (if, that is, you don't mention that it was forced on you by circumstances and not by self-abnegation).

And of course, now you can sell carbon credits based on all the CO2 emissions you saved while you sat in the heat and in the dark (assuming you didn't do something drastic to celebrate the lights coming back on).

Marica said...

No, Col. I'm quite visible from where I sit!

Col. Milquetoast said...

Marica, I don't mean to cast aspersions towards you and your visibleness. It is just that Paco welcomed a first time commenter but I hadn't seen that comment anywhere. Paco usually isn't the type to welcome a first time commenter before they actually comment. I thought maybe blogger emailed your comment to Paco and then it stowed it in the spam folder. I realize now that you posted on a different thread.

I apologize for questioning your visibleness.

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