Friday, September 28, 2012

Nothing to see here, move along

Matt Damon’s new movie, which is an attack on American oil companies, was financed, in part, by completely objective and disinterested members of the royal family of the United Arab Emirates, who could not possibly have any reason whatsoever to be concerned about America’s increasing domestic oil supply.

I think I’m gonna call some of my friends in the service station business – Brian, Jimmy and Corliss – and we’re gonna go riot outside of the UAE’s embassy. Maybe run a Pennzoil banner up the flag pole. How dare they disrespect our Profit!

Come on, boys! Olé FUBAR ! Ululululululu....!!


Yojimbo said...

Well, middle east oil can't give those eight figure sums to the Sierra Club exclusively.

JeffS said...

I prefer Matt Damon in this movie; the acting is less forced, more natural.

Michael Baker said...

Behead All Who Insult Profit!

Paco said...

Welcome, Michael!