Friday, September 28, 2012

Limited appeal of a goggle-eyed melon head*

One of the funniest lines I’ve read this week appears in a post by Steve Hayward at Powerline on the energy of the grassroots vs. the nail-biting GOP elite:
One reason it is good to get out of the Beltway bubble is that you really do appreciate how much of a bubble it is when you sit in a bar or pizza parlor somewhere out in Real America, and someone you know pops up on CNN, and no one pays much attention. Or when they do, they shrug their shoulders and go back to their conversation about substitute chefs refs. No one says, “Oh, quiet–David Gergen is coming on!”
* Coined by the immortal Andrew Ferguson to describe Gergen’s physiognomy.

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Jonah said...

A term I've come across recently is Gang of 500.

As in, 500 people watch and react to each other and the rest of us are stuck with them?

*counting lampposts*