Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Jesse Jackson, Jr.'s political career. Although, you never know. Illinois Democrat? He could be back.


mojo said...

Please tell me they didn't give that dickweed the pension he was whining about.

JeffS said... Illinois politician not on the dole? Please.

Col. Milquetoast said...

What on Earth do you mean RIP to his political career?

Jesse Jackson, Jr didn't show up for work for months on end, hasn't been in the state for weeks if not months, is said to have run around claiming to be a Roman chariot driver, is rumored to be facing indictment, rumored to have been trying to buy a Senate seat from Blago, he barely campaigned, and he won his election with 63% of the vote! (the rest was split between 23.5% for the Republican and 13.5% for the independent) That doesn't sound like a career in trouble. I mean if he had a sense of shame then you might have a point…

Speaking of Chicago, have you heard of Derrick Smith? He was arrested for taking a $7000 bribe in return for helping a non-existent group get a $50,000 grant. He was recorded specifying that he wanted the bribe to be in cash. Due to the bribery charge he was kicked out of the Illinois General Assembly but the Dems rallied around him with the slogan “No defeat or retreat — keep the Dem seat” because they'd rather have a crook than a Republican and he won back his seat with 62.7%.

(there you go : the difference in the Chicago political machine between an unarrested candidate and an indicted one is 0.3% of the vote)