Saturday, November 10, 2012

Shamnesty II

Mickey Kaus details why amnesty of the type many conservatives are suddenly advocating has the smell of Epic Fail.


Spiny Norman said...

The worst thing about all this is that so many think if we only gave them amnesty, they'd vote GOP. This is utter nonsense. Latinos have been voting increasing Democrat since Reagan signed off on amnesty in 1986, because the Democrats offer them free stuff. Period.

The idea seems to be that if only Romney and the GOP had supported amnesty, just enough would have put him over the top. No, it would not have. That assumes that everyone eligible to vote actually voted - the bogus "zero-sum game" again. Romney got even fewer votes than McLame in 2008, not because he's conservative, but because he isn't. The national GOP gave us yet another Establishment "moderate" and conservatives stayed away from the polls because they didn't buy the ruse, despite the Media portraying Mittens as a "right-wing extremist". (Ha!)

Paco said...

Sounds about right.