Monday, December 31, 2012

Capital idea

Steven Hayward of Powerline suggests a terrific New Year's resolution:
With Barack Obama now promising to put his “full weight” behind gun control next year, the clear response should be for the blogosphere to respond with a concerted effort to highlight how law-abiding citizens use legal weapons for self-defense and crime deterrence, and not just for hunting. It ought to be the new year’s resolution in fact.
He goes on to link "The Armed Citizen", a regular feature of NRA's American Rifleman magazine, which details stories of regular folks, using guns legally to protect their own and other people's lives.

Robert Avrech has a piece at Seraphic Secret about an encounter with a young woman who very reluctantly, and in sheer desperation, finally realized that a gun was the only thing that was going to fend off a stalker.


Spiny Norman said...

Compiling such a list is more important now than ever before. Lookee here: a NY Slimes columnist (yeah, another one) wants to "set aside" the US Constitution, and this numbskull wants the NRA declared a "terrorist organization". The "progressive" Left is nothing if not predictable.

Happy New Year, all you fine people!

rinardman said...

Someone needs to promote a "Take a Lefty to the Range" program. Maybe the ones that aren't completely deranged could be swayed, to accept that it isn't "evil" guns, it's "evil people with guns" that's the problem.

Anonymous said...

Deborah Leigh said ... "Take a Lefty to the Range Day" is a great idea, rinardman. But they tend to be a bit skittish, what with the loud noises, and being surrounded by Liberty/Constitution/Second Amendment loving folks. Oh, and those evil guns, of course.

Marica said...

We have been "taking a Liberal shooting" for years. It works! We haven't turned as many anti-gun folk as Obama, but we've turned our share.

Some suggestions: Keep it fun. Make a day of it. Safety, safety, safety. If you have a CCW permit, explain what you had to do to get it including the background check. Sometimes we go so far as to clean our guns with our guests. It's hard to be afraid of a revolver when you see it taken apart.

rinardman said...

Exactly, Marica. I have a niece that lives & works right in the middle of the Hollywood leftist commune. A few years ago, she was here for my dad's 90th, and surprised me by asking to shoot some of my guns. To make a long story short, I think I may have inoculated her against the anti-gun moonbats surrounding her in LaLa land. At least, I hope I did.

bruce said...

'Only' one victim and few details yet, but it appears this can be regarded as a new school shooting here in ultra-progressive South Australia. Note they 'thought (it) was a toy handgun', since we law-abiding Australians never see the the real thing close up any more.

I'm in favour of full training, in the use of and proper response to all weapons, like the Israelis or the Swiss, and your good selves.

Col. Milquetoast said...

Re : Take a Lefty to the Range
Have the new shooter check the paper target for a pulse before starting and explain that the next time some hyperventilater says "guns are made ONLY for killing" then they will be able to say that "no, guns are also good at poking holes in a definitely un-alive paper target. I know because I checked."