Monday, February 4, 2013

Congratulations to the Baltimore Ravens

Wow, what a game! It almost seemed like two separate games, the way the momentum shifted so dramatically in the second half to the 49ers, after their near-complete domination by the Ravens in the first half. But then the Big Mo shifted again in the last quarter, and we even saw a rarely used tactic employed by Baltimore – intentionally giving up a safety to run down the clock.

By the by, Piers Morgan saw fit to shove his oar in: “Got to laugh at Ravens being declared 'World Champions' of a competition only American teams enter”. Well, Piers, you certainly don’t have to worry about an exclusionary nationalist bias with respect to your “World’s Biggest A$$hole” title; you’re the clear standout in an international field.

As to the commercials – meh. Nothing particularly brilliant – with one outstanding exception. I thought the Dodge truck ad featuring an old radio broadcast by the late Paul Harvey in tribute to the American farmer was riveting. I don’t know what firm was responsible for that commercial, but the GOP should sign ‘em up quick.


Spiny Norman said...

Did you see that BLATANT holding by the Ravens' offensive line that wasn't called during that safety play? Holy Bear Hug, Batman!

I only saw the 4th quarter - while I was at Best Buy trying to find a replacement AC adapter for my scanner (it didn't help, btw. It's dead, Jim...)

Paco said...

Nah, c'mon! That wasn't holding; just a trick of, er, perspective and lighting.

Steve Burri said...

I beg to differ, Paco. Morgan has many, many competitors for the World's Biggest Rectal Sphincter!

Paco said...

Yeah, but he really stands out. You know, like a hemorrhoid.

RebeccaH said...

I miss Paul Harvey.