Friday, February 1, 2013

Rocky start

Julia Gillard’s call for elections in September of this year has been attended by a surprising number of Labor Party retirements and resignations.

For American readers who feel they need a refresher course on the confusing mechanics of the Australian political system, you may want to consult this previous post.

H/T: Mk50


JeffS said...

Rats leaving a sinking ship?

One can hope.

Spiny Norman said...

Or is it a purge?

bruce said...

Friends joined the ALP near 40 years ago, then left. Told me it was like a cult with many hidden scandals. Elsewhere I heard that billions dollars were disappearing through the union movement (which bankrolls the ALP). Obviously very rotten at the core. Power corrupts, and attracts the corrupt, even the evil. Surrounded by gullible 'true believers' who'll excuse anything for 'the cause', where better for evil to flourish?

The recent arrests and trials here have revealed a stench of evil. Some of those leaving may be true believers who finally woke up. But the ALP/Union nexus is so big, no local agency has the power to reveal its full corrupt extent. So we will be stuck with this tumour, hopefully much reduced.

Merilyn said...

The best remark so far on this is at Tim Blair's blog, "More Stabilidy" from MudCrab of Adelaide, "Ships leaving a sinking rat". Perfect.

Paco said...

Merilyn: That is clever!