Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday funnies

President Obama and his "assault boomstick", courtesy of the Dissident Frogman (H/T: JeffS).

Bill Murray: bank-robber magnet.

A post-WWII British video on handkerchief etiquette.

Patience, patience...

Hey, a girl's gotta eat: "I was Hitler's food taster".

So God made a liberal...


rinardman said...

I gotta admit, the image of a coffee soaked, angry possum as the average liberal is darn near perfect.

Especially if you've had any dealings with an angry possum.

Minicapt said...

Meet the angry possums:


Anonymous said...

Deborah said...We didn't see any "assault broomsticks" at the gun show, darn it. But we did see rubber band shooting AR15s. Should have bought one for the rallies, just to upset the hippies.

I almost yelled, "Hey! There's Diane Feinstein!". But then thought better of it. Would have been funny though.

Barbara Boxer looks like a possum. Henry Waxman looks like Moleman met the Salt Monster from Star Trek.