Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Swampy goes guerilla

Some useful (and not less useful for being hilarious) advice from my favorite Floridian on taking it to the (bureaucratic) man! A sample:
And the politicians that want to grossly invade your privacy and take away your right to defend yourself? I don’t think they should have another peaceful night’s sleep. They wanted to be public figures? Give it to ‘em good. Crowd their offices daily asking for their decisions as to what brand of toothpaste is better, and what type of toilet paper you should use. Keep their phones on speed dial so that you can ask their opinion of a movie. Argue that you should be protected from predatory movie theaters. Complain about the popcorn price. Make sure they know that you despise the ground they walk on and that they can never eat in a public place without having disgusting foreign substances in their food and drink.
Read the whole thing.


SwampWoman said...

Since I have only three (count 'em! THREE!) days left of government employment, I'm going to cheerfully and joyfully take up my new hobby of harassing politicians on a daily basis.

And there are people out there that say things like "Whatever are you going to do with all that spare time?" Bwahahahahaha. I shall have NO spare time.

Paco said...

Good for you, Swampy!

RebeccaH said...

Well, after all, one must keep busy in retirement.

kc said...

Finally! We gonna have some fun, SwampWoman, once lambing & vacation time (hubby's) are over!