Monday, March 25, 2013


U.S. Border Patrol uniforms: made in Mexico.

Given his notoriously anti-Semitic record, I’m tempted to say “he ought to know”, except for the fact that Al Sharpton is, as usual, so far off base (and in this instance, projecting like mad).

New Jersey Democratic assemblyman Joe Cryan aspires to higher office (and, presumably, bigger paddles).

Oh, by all means, let’s give some serious attention to the opinions of Jim Freakin’ Carrey on gun control. If our Bill of Rights doesn’t suit you, you can always go back to Canada and work as a janitor, bat boy.

Hugo Chavez may be dead, but a convention of spiritualists recently gathered in Cuba to celebrate the man’s fat, greasy spirit (which is still apparently floating through the air like the aroma of an overcooked ham hock).

Paul Krugman’s mind: not improving with age.

Michael Bloomberg: resistance is futile.

I guess we need more bank regulations because the regulators we have are pussies.

The reading of books continues to decline. So, what are you doing to counter this ominous trend?


rinardman said...

I can somewhat proudly say that I have never watched a Jim Carrey movie. Well, I've seen small snippets of a couple of them, just enough to form the opinion that I can't stand his "comedy". To find out he's a typical hypocritical Hollywood a$$hole is no big shock.

Paco said...

Saw just enough of him on SNL to form the opinion that he was probably a manic depressive with narcissistic personality disorder.

- Dr. Paco

Spiny Norman said...

The Mask was genuinely clever and funny, but beyond that, bleh. Ace Ventura and Dumb and Dumber were box office hits, but were something like SNL skits spread out over 90 minutes as far as I could see (the same can be said of any movie Will Farrell has ever made). That he turns out to be another leftist Hollywood nitwit doesn't surprise me in the least.

Spiny Norman said...

BTW, there's a reason that, in the old Studio System, actors were NOT permitted to speak freely with the media: the studio execs knew they'd eventually say something really stupid and offensive to a large block of the movie-going public, and that is very bad for business.

JeffS said...

I thought Pet Detective insipid, Mask decent, but otherwise, it's MEH! when it comes to Carrey.

And he's pi$$ed because his latest movie tanked. Hence his snit fit, the leftie a$$hole.

Good riddance to bad rubbish.

JeffS said...

Oh, and I have your book, Paco, but I am behind in my reading. I have an Honor Harrington novel to read, and then yours.

But first, I'm re-reading some classics. I just finished "Tarzan the Terrible". :)

mojo said...

The Book: Hard copy only?

Dude, get with the century. Scan that baby into an electronic format.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Jim Carrey claims no one watches Charlton Heston's movies anymore. Really? Then why would "The Ten Commandments", and "Ben Hur" be shown every Easter? For the former that's over fifty years. They are classics. Name one Carrey movie that is a classic. Beyond Heston's outstanding acting career is the fact that he was a WWII SSG, and marched in the Civil Rights Movement. Carrey can't come close to the Charlton Heston's class, talent, and courage.

JeffS, I'm somewhat shocked that you aren't reading Paco's first. Loyalty and all that. Of course, I can see that Che wouldn't bring the sweet dreams that Honor must.

Mojo, dude, get onboard. It's Paco, afterall. Buy the hard copy, and then get the e-book when it comes out. Why wait for the thrilling and funny adventures of that master of revolution, Che.

The Border Patrol uniform situation reminds me of the Army beret contract with China. Can you imagine a agent stopping a illegal out in the brush. Illegal: "Hey, does that uniform have inspected by 43 on the tag?

Paco said...

Mojo: An ebook is coming sometime, but probably not until the hard-copy run sells out.

Michael Lonie said...

Who is this Jim Carrey of whom you speak? Is he some kind of actor?

Now Charleton Heston, I've seen some of his movies.

Robert of Ottawa said...


I will make no apologies for Jim Carrey. He is a typical ignorant, disrespectful and hypocritical Canadian.

Canada has suffered from these people for 60 years. We are slowly ridding ourselves of this S**t so expect to see more of them.

JeffS said...

I like to get both hardcopy and ebooks, mojo. Just in case, y'know?