Monday, March 25, 2013

What a huge surprise

Never saw it coming: “McCain emerges as key senator in expanding background checks”

Ok, enough sarcasm for now. Of course John McCain would be the most likely Republican to sell us out on a Bill of Rights issue. Remember McCain-Feingold? I mean, how else is he going to get back in the good graces of the media, except by leveraging his RINOism to consort with known Democrats in a burst of “statesmanlike” compromise?

There’s no tool like an old tool.

Update: So many shocks to my system, and in one day, too: A sociologist at the University of British Columbia discovers that “the professoriate either contains the highest proportion of liberals of any occupation in the United States for the period 1996-2010 or is right behind another famously liberal occupational group, authors and journalists.”

Must…get to…my nitroglycerin…pills…Shock…too great…


Anonymous said...

Deborah said .... I'd be surprised if he didn't after that booty-tooth dinner date with Barry. Someone has to pay the check.

I'm glad you qualified the profession, Paco.

Spiny Norman said...

Our institutions of higher learning have become little more than Progressive seminaries. A degree in any subject outside STEM should be viewed with suspicion by potential employers.

Anonymous said...

Smart move by McCain. See, he's positioning himself as a "Moderate Maverick". This will have a HUGE payoff with the MSM when he runs for POTUS.

oh wait.

Edit: Smart move by McCain. See, by selling out his base, he gets a better table at Martha's Vineyard. Might even get to sit with the "cool kids".