Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sunday funnies

Update and bumped: Julia Gillard's new friend.

I knew it! Salad is more dangerous than hamburgers.

Sequestration implemented: art lovers hardest hit.

Incisive political poetry from that wild man of the worldwide web, TimT.

Here's another Jonathan Winters bit: fishing from the perspective of the fish (as usual, Winters uses sound effects to enhance the experience; his imitation of a catfish - at about 5:40 - is truly inspired).


rinardman said...

I wonder how much of the problem of food born illnesses is due to the overly sterile world a lot of people live in today, not the preparation of the food.

JeffS said...

r-man, I'm pretty that's a significant contributor. You build up resistance to bugs by living with them.

Spiny Norman said...

At the same time, food travels a great deal farther than ever before, so alien bugs show up where they never previously existed...