Thursday, March 28, 2013

This is what a cast iron stomach looks like

I'm late in catching up with this post by Boy on a Bike, but it is just so epic, so Homeric, that it needs to be linked, however belatedly.


RebeccaH said...

I actually ordered a jar of Vegemite through Amazon some time ago. Most of it is still sitting in the fridge, but occasionally I have it on toast (very, very thinly, the way Aussies eat it). It's actually not bad that way.

LA Beast, on the other hand, must enjoy pain.

Anonymous said...

As an Aussie, I can only exclaim: "Strewth cobber, your short a couple of kangaroos in the top paddock!"


Paco said...

Well said, Peng.

Robert of Ottawa said...

Vegimate is an inferior imitation of Britain's Marmite. Best taken on toast although I like to stick my finger in the jar and suck the ambrosia off it.

Hey, it fed an empire.

I must say BOAB has fortitude.

Steve at the Pub said...

Vegemite: Good stuff, used to have it on sandwiches for a cut lunch at school.
Sometimes I get the urge to have it on toast, often afternoon smoko is a couple of rounds of toast with vegemite & a cup of tea. Nothing like it!

Favourite vegemite moment: Observing a German visitor put great blobs of it on his toast!
Even among us seasoned vegemite eaters there was nobody game to try that.
Turned out the poor cove mistook vegemite for sweet chocolate spread (unknown here at the time, goes by the brand name of Nutella or somesuch).
Anyway, he bit right into it. The result was sort of like what you'd get were a kid to shovel down a mouthful of olives believing them to be table grapes!