Friday, April 5, 2013


Washington, D.C.: where good government goes to die.

Hey, GOP, see what a little pluck and determination can do?

Actually, there is accounting for taste; and when it comes to Michelle Obama, the cost is definitely on the high side.

Now, here’s some fashion, via Pat Austin, that looks good and didn’t cost the taxpayers a dime.

CNN talking air head Piers Morgan opposes gun ownership by citizens, unless they happen to be citizens paid to protect his property.

“We don’t want to take your guns away from you. Really and for true, we don’t.”

What’s the benchmark for financial incompetence (or worse) that you have to hit before you’re either run out of town on a rail, or thrown in the jug? If you’re one of Obama’s top donation bundlers, I believe the answer is “infinity”.

Bob Belvedere lauds a heretofore unheralded group of British resistance fighters.

Have you ever wondered what Barbie would look like without makeup? Well, no, probably not, but Lance Burri has, and the speculation is rather interesting.

Meanwhile, Rev. Steve Burri reads today’s gospel passage.

First politician: “Well, we’ve taxed just about everything there is. What’s left?”

Second politician: “Say, I know! How about rain?

Boy on a Bike looks way back in time, sees something strangely familiar (scroll down to "Xenophon").

Speaking of looking back, U.S. workforce participation has fallen to 1979 levels.

Summertime, and the livin’ is easy (or maybe not).

A good cartoon roundup by Walla Walla Tea Party Patriots.

Chivalry, if not dead, is at least comatose.


JeffS said...

We've had a storm water "fee" in Washington state for a couple of years. I'm thinking of ways to capture that rainwater, and get at least a partial refund.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 says:

The Paco Fashion Blog!!

The FLOTUS (Am I a bad person for always thinking 'FLATUS' when I see that acronym??) cultivates a lovely street walker look. It happens when you have more money than class.

Paco said...

You just can't buy class (Lord knows I've tried).

bruce said...

Our PM's wife tried that look in the White House in the 1960's:

But yeah, the FLOTUS looks tacky in that and ought to get a good dress adviser, if there any: all the women leaders and wives these days dress terrible.

bruce said...

google 'sonia mcmahon that dress' for more!