Friday, April 19, 2013

Dana Milbank breaks out the rustiest epithet in the whole arsenal of liberal insults

The Washington Post's Dana Milbank doesn't care for the outspoken conservatism of Senator Ted Cruz of Texas, and helpfully points out that, at 42, Cruz is the same age as - you guessed it - Joe McCarthy, when the latter "amassed power in the Senate with his allegations of communist infiltration."

Instapundit's readers have turned this observation into a hilarious new game. A taste:
“Obama is 51, the same age Joseph Stalin was when he called for the liquidation of the kulaks.”

“Dana Milbank will turn 45 next week, the same age as Walter Duranty was in 1929, when he secured an exclusive interview with Josef Stalin.”
A charge of McCarthyism is now the last refuge of the progressive scoundrel, and is the polemical equivalent of curling up in the fetal position, covering one's ears, and shouting "la,la,la,la, la...!"


Steve Skubinna said...

"It is a sobering thought that when Mozart was my age, he had been dead for two years."

- Tom Lehrer

Robert of Ottawa said...

Justin Trudeau is the same age as his father was.

Can you believe that there is a very real chance of the sperm of Trudeau and the intelligence of his wife may actually be Prime Minister (Dear Leader or Shiny Poney) of Canada?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1 said:

Trudeau put in bilingualism so his son could say one thing to the English language press and another to the French language press.

Anonymous said...

Dana Milbank will turn 45 next week, the same age as Adolf Hitler was in 1934, when he became Fuhrer.

A fun game anyone can play, Paco!

Mk50 of Brisbane