Friday, April 19, 2013


Jihad Boy has been captured alive. Kudos to all responsible.


Robert of Ottawa said...

Who invited Carmen Ortiz to grandstand? She did nuttink.

See a previous post wherre I congratulate Boston, Mass and the USA.

No thanks DHS.

Robert of Ottawa said...

I am hearing a lot of stuff, even on Fox, about how it is important to capture #2 alive so we can find out WHY he did it.

Wrong. We want him alive so we can find out WHO helped him do it; we know why.

Congrats again Bostonians.

Marica said...

He is 19. He is an American citizen. He is old enough to buy cigs. (Or is it alcohol? I always forget.) And let's not forget that he could have enlisted.

He is not a boy.

Paco said...

The fellow who came to be known as "Islamic Rage Boy" was in his 30's when he was given that moniker. The expression is not intended as a reference to his age; it just sounds more demeaning than "Jihad Man".

Marica said...

It pains me to say this, Paco, but historical references aside... . (That did hurt.) In the coming days we will hear how this "boy" fell "under the influence" of his older brother blah blah blah.

Boys can be excused for not fully understanding personal responsibility and the consequences of actions. Men cannot.

I doubt you disagree.

The sympathizers will not be using "boy" in the demeaning sense. They'll be using it in the "poor boy," shouldn't we have identified him? it's our fault, what didn't he love America? sense of "boy."

We shouldn't encourage them, especially since they have no knowledge of historical references and it takes a lot to demean them.

Whoa. Thanks. I needed that!

Steve Skubinna said...

How about filthy evil vermin, then? That seems properly neutral. Now let's wait for the usual suspects to declare "we" had this coming. Because of Israel. Or the Kyoto Treaty.

Paco said...

Marica, you are reading things into my comment that are simply not there, and if, by "historical references", you mean what I think you mean, you are way off base.

rinardman said...

And the leftist media's narrative suffers another body blow.

RebeccaH said...

Well, Sirota was right. The bombers are Caucasian. Just not the kind of Caucasian he was hoping for.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said ... Well it didn't take long. From what I hear, Geraldo apologized to his "Muslim brothers".

The one terrorist labeled himself as such. His license plate read "Terrorist 1". His uncle stated that he tried to persuade his one nephew to give up the radical Islamic views nine months ago.