Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Well, if the Gang of 8 get their way, I’m not sure what there would be to prevent it

Update II and bumped to top: Here's the Levin bit I referenced below, in which he talks about McConnell's deviousness (and also about a bogus "conservative" group that is lobbying for the immigration bill).

“About six-in-ten Mexicans (61%) say they would not move to the U.S. even if they had the means and opportunity to do so. However, a sizable minority (35%) say they would move to the U.S. if they could, including 20% who say they would emigrate without authorization.”

Update: Sigh...Marco, Marco, Marco....

BTW, I was listening to Mark Levin while driving home tonight, and he said that Senator Mitch McConnell insisted that Rubio be included in the Gang of Eight in order to help corral conservative votes for the immigration bill. McConnell - who hasn't had much, if anything, to say about the bill - might look like a gaffed frog, but he's a crafty devil, pushing the bill by proxy so (he hopes) his fingerprints don't turn up on it. Very slippery, indeed.

"Gaffed frog? Hey, I resemble that remark!"


rinardman said...

And why stop with just Mexico?

Holder said making illegals legal is a “matter of civil and human rights.” So, just come on in, folks.

RebeccaH said...

Exactly. China has a bigger population that wants to get in. And so does the Middle East.

I don't have anything against legal immigrants, I welcome them. But this open borders policy is insane.

mojo said...

The gang of this, the gang of that. Elitism, pure and simple. Whatever happened to free and open debate?

NOT how it's supposed to work, guys.

LibertyAtStake said...

27% of Mexicans confirm they have accepted Undocumented Democrat status.

Anonymous said...

Deborah said... Just as ever room has a occupancy cap so does a country. There is no discussion or even mention of this.

Illegals of every origin will continue to arrive by "coyote", cargo container, or plane, and gladly pay penalties because what is one more hand to grease when the prize is much bigger. The "shadow people" will increase with every wave, and the birth of new advocates into their fold, thereby increasing the din of demands. Los Angeles has over two hundred languages. This isn't a border states issue. It has already been a sea-to-shiney-sea issue for many years.

One day, the champions will find their favorite open space is no more. In it's place will be the shadows.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday, Rubio finally came out and admitted his bill could not possibly pass the House. His weak rejoinder was that perhaps it could be fixed.

The House is working on their own immigration bill and it is practical, specific and point by point not "comprehensive".

There may be hope yet.

Keep the pressure on your Senators & Representatives!

mojo said...

"I keep tryin' ta think, but nuttin' happens!"

Spiny Norman said...

Deborah said... Just as ever room has a occupancy cap so does a country. There is no discussion or even mention of this.

A few years back, I think in the timblair.net era, there was a photo of some Aussie with a t-shirt (or maybe it was a professional-looking sign) that read, "F*ck off. We're full." It created something of a controversy Down Under.