Thursday, June 27, 2013

Are we getting to the point where we can trust no one?

First Rubio, now Ryan. From Paul Mirengoff’s post:
As I understand what he told Hannity, Ryan proposes that we grant illegal immigrants a “five-year probationary status” essentially immediately, before anything new and concrete is done to secure the border. If after five years, Congress isn’t satisfied that the border has been secured, the probationary status supposedly will be revoked. Otherwise, the formerly illegal immigrants can proceed towards full citizenship.

Hannity had a tough time keeping a straight face. It’s almost unimaginable that the status of former illegal immigrants would ever be revoked. Do you see Republican politicians mustering the courage to pull that trigger? I didn’t think so [emphasis mine – Paco]. At most they might add more years to the probationary period, but I don’t see that happening either.

Ryan — I wish I could say this nicely — is conning us.
And I – screw even thinking about being nice – am tired of getting played by self-serving, know-it-all politicians who all but flaunt their contempt for the conservative base. Mirengoff is spot on: nobody, least of all a bunch of RINOs, is going to have the intestinal fortitude to revoke anything even remotely resembling provisional or probationary status, particularly given the provision Ryan mentions, in which there is a complete disconnect between the individual immigrant’s conduct/behavior and the border-security trigger for ending said probationary status. I mean, the mainstream media news reports practically write themselves…

Reporter: “So, Mrs. Rivera, how will the revocation of your probationary immigrant status – based on the failure of the U.S. government to secure the border, over which you, naturally, have no control - affect your children’s future, now that they’re so close to graduating from high school with 4.0 GPAs, and have already received academic scholarships to top tier universities?”

Mrs. Rivera: “Waaaaaaaah!”

The fact that Ryan would tender this outcome as a real possibility - one that he purports to believe is genuine - is insulting.

Update: More unexpected goodness from the Gang of 8 bill – “Immigration Bill Allows Criminal Illegals 'Safe Harbor'”.

Update II: I was already not trusting Jeb Bush, but here’s another reason, just in case:
”Jeb Bush will present Hillary Clinton with the 2013 Liberty Medal this fall in Philadelphia, after which he will roll over on his back and waggle his paws in the air in a symbolic act of submissiveness”
Ok, I might have made up that last bit. But you can see it, you know you can.


JeffS said...

Time to buy more precious metals.

Michael Lonie said...

You know, if that Immigration bill passes with Pack support, I think there will be no more reason to vote. Whomever conservatives put into office will simply turn around and stomp on us anyway. Packs turn their coats and become RINOs. There would be no point in voting Libertarian, since that party is just as lefty as the ems on things like immigration and social matters, while being as crackpot as the Dems on foreign and military affairs. Every other party is crackpot lefty. If conservatives are now repaid for their support of the GOP with betrayal, well there is nowhere to go. Refusal to cooperate is the only alternative, an inner emigration.

So few seem to realize that this flood of Third-world peasants will not only depress the country economically, but also change American values to match the ones they brought from Mexico or Somalia. To be blunt, it won't be America any more. Nor is there the slightest possibility of them being soccons and so supporting the GOP for that reason. The most socially conservative groups, outside of the orthodox or fundamentalist religious groups, are blacks. It was they who put Prop. 8 in California over the top. The GOP vote among them hasn't registered above 10 percent in decades. And the incoming Mexicans etc. are much more concerned with getting welfare and abortions than anything else. Thet're the perfect constituency for the Dems.

rinardman said...

To be blunt, it won't be America any more.

Which is exactly what Obo the Clown, and his minions, wants.

Fundamentally transformed.

rinardman said...

If after five years, Congress isn’t satisfied that the border has been secured,...

Notice, it doesn't take much to satisfy Congress these days.

"We spent billions for nothing?"

"Good enough!"

kc said...

In a word...yes.

The point is long past, I fear.

I want to join my cousins in their compound in the mountains. Can we name it as if it's a country, since it's not America anymore?

rinardman said...

Time to buy more precious metals.

I'm thinking bullets & gunpowder.

Oh...and primers.

RebeccaH said...

Rman is right. Forget the gold and silver (unless you want to make bullets out of them). Ammo, canned goods, durable goods, those are the things to have, because the last Americans will be living in walled compounds (think South Africa, without unnecessarily dwelling on skin color) when this government gets done "fundamentally transforming" us.

JeffS said...

R-man, I recall an old saying, "Gold will not always get you good soldiers, but good soldiers will always get you gold." I take that to heart.

So when I say "precious metals", I mean "lead, brass, and copper".