Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Obama's new friends...

...look an awful lot like America's old enemies.


Anonymous said...

Deborah .... It isn't surprising that Obama backs the barbarians, since Egypt. The Left never found a barbarian they didn't like.

This is just another in the growing list of atrocities committed by these barbarians. Richard said they slaughtered a Christian village. Recently, one of the rebel leaders killed a pro-government soldier, and proceeded to butcher him, then eat his heart and liver.

Anyone notice the crickets?

rinardman said...

I think I agree with Sarah Palin.

Let Allah sort it out.

mojo said...

It pains me no end to agree with Vladdie Putin, but "arming the cannibals" does seem like a really bad idea.

Let them kill and eat each other. The n shoot the survivors.

Spiny Norman said...

The Left never found a barbarian they didn't like.

Blame that on Rousseau and the rest of the Romantic Primitivists. Their "noble savage" myth is Leftist gospel.