Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The best and brightest

Obama is set to appoint Susan “Darn that Video!” Rice to the post of National Security Advisor, and he has nominated Samantha “Hey, Let’s Occupy Israel!” Power to be ambassador to the UN (that sound coming from Israel is not, I would wager, a collective sigh of relief).

Looks like there’s not a lot of depth on Obama’s foreign policy bench, if he’s forced to recycle these mediocrities. In fact, the administration is starting to resemble the bureaucratic equivalent of the Miami Marlins.

Of course, the truth is that Obama’s not forced to do anything of the sort; it’s just that he’s comfortable surrounding himself with people who share his own ideology and manifest a dog-like loyalty to their master – criteria that, in his mind, far outweigh the risks posed by their demonstrated nincompoopery.

Update: Speaking of nincompoopery...

Is your IQ score lower than the number of your fingers and toes? Are you a partisan hack who doesn't know the meaning of fear...or any other word having more than three letters? Does it take you two hours to watch 60 Minutes? Are you so stupid that blondes tell jokes about you? Then, you, too, may have a future with MSNBC.


rinardman said...

And, as Rush pointed out today, they're mainly "Up yours, Republicans!" appointments. He loves acting like an a$$hole.

Well, not really acting.

Paco said...

Mark Levin suggested on his radio program this evening that Rice's appointment was a payoff for toeing the line on Benghazi (and a bone to ensure her future silence).

Spiny Norman said...

Sooper: Barack Obama continues to ensure he’s the “smartest guy in the room” by surrounding himself with morons.

RebeccaH said...

Yup. Obama's "getting in our face" with these appointments.