Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Welcome to Zimbabwe’s blacks-only stock exchange

You know Robert Mugabe, of course, as the criminal lunatic who was recently re-elected as president of Zimbabwe. Now, meet two of his henchman, Saviour Kasukawere and Psychology Maziwisa, who, in the zeal of their nationalist and racial obsessions, are in the process of setting up a highly exclusive stock exchange. Judging by those names, it looks like both the secular and non-secular factions of Zimbabwean politics are now united in their hallucinations.

Think I’ll change my name to Moses P. Chiropractic and see if I can’t score a government job over there (although I’m going to need a melanin implant).


RebeccaH said...

Zimbabwe is fast becoming the North Korea of Africa.

Jonah said...

A week or so ago was a story about "nudging", bringing taxpayers into compliance, bringing American citizens in general to a compliance state of mind, no thought at all to nudging North Korea or Zimbabwe in any direction resembling freedom.