Saturday, November 16, 2013

Political blight

How is it that leftists manage to infest so many lovely places? An outright socialist has won election to Seattle's city council.

Update: All things considered, I guess she's sorta right-wing for Seattle (link courtesy of JeffS).


DavefromTacoma said...


Give her (the new councilwoman) credit. At least she is truthful in what she is. The rest of the Seattle city council is a bunch of socialists who call themselves Democrats.

Paco said...

Yeah, there's that. She gets points for transparency.

I guess the residents of Seattle won't be truly happy until they install a red reign of terror.

Steve Skubinna said...

Yeah, she's just the first one who admits it.

Seattle City Council is a clown car. And the people there keep putting up with it, thus proving H.L. Mencken's dictum. I live far enough west to be safe, but near enough to enjoy the spectacle.

JeffS said...

Ah, yes, the Seattle metropolitan area, running up to Everett, and nearly down to Olympia, and constrained from east-west expansion only by Puget Sound and the Cascades.

Home to Congresscritter "Baghdad Jim" McDermott, a multiple of California colonists and retired hippies, a hilariously failed attempt to apply "environmental principles" to post-winter storm road clearing ... ... ... and a statue of Vladimir Lenin.

So, yeah, an outright socialist getting elected is not surprising.

Jonah said...

Who said Seattle is lovely?

Same guy said...

Yeah, all the rain washes out the
scent of urine, there is that.

Anonymous said...

Leftists think they can control the weather with legislation. Maybe they'll legislate it to rain only on certain days.

JeffS said...

Oh, the view from Seattle is stupendous. The Olympics to the east, the Cascades to the west (Mount Rainier is spectacular on a cloudless day), the Sound itself an endless cacophony of calm intermingled with chaos, accented by the passage of ships and wildlife. The rain can be a bother, but it serves to clean the land and the sky so that the scenery is always sparkling clean and fresh.

It's the view OF the Seattle area, especially the hippies, communists, fools, and useful idiots, that really sucks.

Steve Skubinna said...

Once that Gawdawful viaduct is completely gone the view of Seattle from Elliot Bay will be vastly improved. Every time I'd ride the ferry in the first sight of that monstrosity would set my teeth on edge.

Ah, the sixties, when the hgihest human aspirations were expressed in ugly blocks of concrete.

Not to diss concrete - the Romans invented it and gave us the Colosseum, we just decided it was suited to Stalinist Wedding Cake architecture.

Anyway, from where I live I can look at the Olympic Mountains. Walk a little bit out back and see Rainier when it's out. Head another direction and look north to Mt. Baker. And on a clear day, hike up Mt. Ellinore and look across the Kitsap Peninsula and see Seattle laid out like a model train set. From that distance I can't even see the socialism.

JeffS said...

Some more information on this particular socialist.

Steve, I didn't want to go into the horrifying building construction in Seattle, so thanks for speaking up! From a distance, Seattle does look quaint and charming.

Up close and personal, not so much, and more so than other big cities.