Monday, March 3, 2014

What a pity...

...that a fool and his presidency are not necessarily soon parted.


RebeccaH said...

Hey ... but, hey ... he's the First African-American* President. If his policies regress to mid-20th century Cold War status (with the added ingredient of fanatical Islamic non-state terrorism), then we have regressed to a far more dangerous age. Russia and America stared at each other for close onto sixty years with equal engines of destruction and never used them out of mutual fear.

*The African-American bit is irrelevant. Barry Dunham Soetoro Obama is no more "African American" than Mr. Paco, Mrs. Paco, JeffS, (apologies to any who would like to be included but weren't) rinhardman, bruce from Australia, etc., or I. Our genetics aside, we are where we live, what our parents taught us, what we accept as our daily struggle, what we alone decide what we will be.

Barack Obama made his choice. And he's not one of us.

Paco said...

Well put, Rebecca.

rinardman said...

At best, he's our first mixed-race President.

Why is it that "black" automatically takes precedence over "white"?
If he were just 1/4 black, would he still be "the first black President"?

How bout we just call him what he is: the first communist President.

Paco said...

The only relevant color in this case is red.

Veeshir said...

It always makes me laugh when today's totally tolerant, diversity-obsessed lefties believe pretty much the same stuff as yesterday's racists.
You know, like separate proms and graduations for different races and the one-drop rule.