Wednesday, June 18, 2014


Terrorists and imperialists on the march everywhere, and what is Secretary of State John Kerry prattling on about? Global warming, of course.

If you’re a lefty opinion writer whose latest smear of conservatives is so transparently false that even other leftists call you on it, then you’re definitely doing it wrong.

If voters heave her into the White House, we’ll all pay dearly.

Who’s organizing (and paying for) the invasion at our southern border by thousands of undocumented children?

Dick and Liz Cheney marvel at Obama’s insouciance while the Middle East explodes.

Image gratefully lifted from the Jawa Report.

Hillary Clinton dons the Cloak of Banality preparatory to her run for the Democratic presidential nomination.

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Robert of Ottawa said...

The feds are deliberately creating the "illegal" crisis to thrust home some of its policies.

And this is not conspiracy theory. If the Feds wanted to do something, they'd be out in central American countries saying "don't do it".

They'd also have troops on the border.

They'd also ... but I am wasting my voice, the Feds are deliberately creating this mess.