Thursday, June 19, 2014

Mabel, RIP

Mabel, the official dog of Paco Enterprises, passed away today at the age of 15. She was a beagle/terrier mix that we sprung from the pound, and she possessed a sweet disposition that made everybody seem like family to her (which, of course, greatly diminished her value as a guard dog).

We are grateful that we had such a long time with her: 15 years of companionship, amusement and – that one quality that seems to belong uniquely to dogs – unqualified love.

So long, old girl…

Mabel (1999-2014). Dog. Friend. Scholar.


mojo said...

Ave atque vale

JeffS said...

Ah, it's always a tug at the heart to hear about the passing of a dear pet. My condolences, Mr. and Mrs. Paco.

I only met Mabel that one time, but she was a wonderful example of Man's (and Woman's) best friend, Canis lupis familiaris.

Veeshir said...

Sorry Paco,

Dogs are far better than we deserve.

Except mine. He's a jerk.

Nashville Beat said...

I was preparing to write something appropriate, but then I read Veeshir's comment and got side-tracked by the snorting chuckles.

Now that I have recovered, I want to say that I am glad I got to meet Mabel and I am sorry for your loss. I hope you soon have another canine companion to brighten your days at Paco Command Center.

Paco said...

Nash: My son's dog, Daisy - formerly the official guest dog of Paco Enterprises - will now have to fill in the top spot.

Gregoryno6 said...

15 years... my parents didn't stay married that long.
Rest among bones, Mabel.

TimT said...

So terribly sorry Paco. Fifteen is a grand old age for a beagle cross to get to, though.

missred said...

Sorry for your loss, Paco and Mrs. I am sure she is making new friends in doggy heaven.

Anonymous said...

Deborah....(tears welling up) Oh Paco, I am so very sorry. Please give Mrs. Paco our condolences. It is so difficult losing a long-time friend and companion such as Mabel. God rest her.

For whatever small consolation this is worth, it is said that everyone is young in Heaven. I believe it. So, Mabel must enjoying all her favorite pass times. And no doubt she'll be waiting by the door at the eventual reunion.

Poor Daisy. She is probably missing the Grand Dame too. Big hug and kiss for her.

RebeccaH said...

It's mere coincidence, but I also have a beagle mix, and her name is Daisy. My heart would break without her.

Condolences on the loss of a beloved family member.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that, Paco.

She had a good innings; you must have taken good care of her.

I lost my Staffordshire Terrier to cancer a few years back; it really hurts to lose a close pal.
My condolences.