Saturday, June 21, 2014


Isn’t it…strange, how computer glitches always appear to benefit leftists while inconveniencing conservatives?


Michael Lonie said...

The obvious explanation is that conservatives are much more technologically skilled, so that they produce fewer glitches than do the technological klutzes on the Left.

Either that or there really is a Vast Regressive Conspiracy by leftists. Looking at the way the Obumbler Administration has acted, one must conclude that there really is a conspiracy to turn America into a socialist state, and its conspirators are in power now. Like all socialist ideas, their's are at variance with reality, so what they do goes into la commode whenever they commit acts of attempted governing.

Ironically, it is only when Obumbler turns to the most conservative instituion (in culture, not in politics or partisanship) in our government, the military, that his administration actually accomplishes something, sometimes.

Michael Lonie said...

Today is the anniversary of the start of Fall Barbarossa, the Nazi invasion of the USSR in 1941. Seventy-three years ago, the two most vicious and evil totalitarian dictatorships in the history of the world attempted to destroy each other.