Monday, June 30, 2014

Profiles in cowardice

I’m with Andrew McCarthy on this one: Speaker John Boehner’s decision to file a lawsuit against the Obama administration for its executive overreach represents a timorous attempt by the speaker (and the Republican establishment) to avoid using the power granted to Congress by the Constitution - notably, the power of the purse – out of a fear of media backlash.

The usefulness of Boehner and his ilk has reached a nadir. The establishment fights tooth and nail to prevent its displacement by genuine conservatives -by people who will use their legal power to challenge a lawless administration, using existing constitutional remedies – and then wastes everyone’s time engaging in wholly unbelievable political theater that will accomplish nothing.

If GOP, Inc. has secretly decided that the outlook for a return to smaller, more transparent and less intrusive government is doomed, then it literally has no purpose but to exist as a kind of union for professional time servers.

Now, I’m not saying that their pessimism is necessarily unjustified; the accumulation of bribes extended to an increasingly large number of voting blocs in the U.S. by a series of administrations, in conjunction with a predominantly leftist media and an educational system rotten with “progressive” ideological imperatives (not to mention sheer incompetence), does not exactly inculcate a spirit of vigorous independence in the minds and hearts of the people, so perhaps we have reached, and gone beyond, the tipping point. But we won’t know for sure until we’ve given the people a chance to cast an honest vote – for this or that specific individual who has clearly made a case for cutting government down to size, rather than for old Go-Along-to-Get-Along, handpicked by the establishment, who’s become a mere fixture in the Capitol, like, say, an antique porcelain sink in the washroom, fitted with a charming bronze faucet and crystal handles (although considerably less useful than that).


rinardman said...

...then it literally has no purpose but to exist as a kind of union for professional time servers.

Well paid professional time servers.

Veeshir said...

We are past the point of no return.

Our budget is so bloated, we would have to cut nearly a third to not be in deficit spending.

Our debt is so high, we'll be decades paying it off even if we do manage to cut our budget by 1/3.

But we can't cut our budget, there are tens of millions of people who think they deserve my money.
We can't even cut the rate of increase of the budget. All those "draconian cuts" you see Minitrue talk about?
Yeah, those are 'cuts' are in the projected growth of the budget, not actual cuts as normal people would understand them.

Of course, the rest of the world is even more screwed, I wouldn't know how to figure it out, but I'd bet that the world holds more debt than there is money.

Remember the USSR? Remember how one day we woke up and it was gone?
They ignored sane monetary policy too.

I'm done with national GOP, I am very interested in my state's governor and my county's sheriff because when it goes to hell those two posts will be most important to my well-being.

I live in Paul Babeu's district (Sheriff Arpaio's Minime) and we're hopefully going to have a conservative governor next time.

The candidates are all spending all their money on ads claiming they're cons anyway (one has some serious haters, they keep quoting her praising Hillary as a role model and a good Sec State, hopefully we can dodge that bullet).

I will never vote for any GOPer like McCain or Flake (AZ's current aholes) and as for the House, screw them.
So long as the establishment jerks are in power we're all boned.

Paco said...

Well put.