Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Reports of the Tea Party's death apparently have been greatly exaggerated

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor - recently spotted whooping up amnesty again - has been defeated by Tea Party candidate David Brat in Virginia-7's Republican primary.

Update: Ace gives this story two flaming skulls.

Update II: Bryan Preston - "A bottom line, if there is one: Money did not win the VA-07 race. Name recognition did not win it. Status and power did not win it. The people just decided that they had had enough, and they went out and won it themselves."


Robert of Ottawa said...

You beat me to it, Paco. Your enterprize works like a smooth wheel.


Robert of Ottawa said...

I forgot to add a Canadian Yee-Haw eh?

In other interesting news, the Ontario Provincial election looms on Thursday. Currently looks like another hung parliament but the unions, including those for the journalists and police, have told everyone to not vote Conservative.

I am hoping for a revulsion vote. However, it looks tight and exciting (well for a Canadian).

bruce said...

The People have spoken!

Anonymous said...

Deborah.... It's a good start, but keep the powder dry because the machines of both parties will be gunning. Remember Ken Cuccinelli. And now Ted Cruz is in the crosshairs. I'll bet John B. is in strategy right now.

Too bad South Carolina didn't go the way of Virginia, but it's not wise to race so many horses. It dilutes the numbers.

Good luck to Dave! We need him.

RebeccaH said...

Nancy Pelosi is crowing that this will damage the Republicans' chances of taking over Congress, but that's what she would say. Personally, I'm hoping it's a wake up call to the Republicans, especially the establishment.